Surfing Paddling Technique

As surfers we shell out way more time rules paddle board than truly using the wave. So it makes sense to center on our surf paddling method. If you prefer to surf far better, you’ll want to capture far more waves, if you would like to capture a lot more waves you’ll want to paddle much better.

Here are the fundamentals you need to know about:


Paddling for your wave is centered on timing. Often continue to be in front of the wave, so placement on your own correctly and begin paddling early. Bear in mind the speedier the wave, the speedier you might want to paddle.

two. Place ON BOARD

Locate the sweet place on your own board. Really don’t deceive considerably again hence the nose will lift up and press h2o. Should you placement you as well far ahead your board will nose dive to the water.

Try out to not lean as well much for the still left or ideal, keep well balanced. Keep your board flat on the water.

three. Don’t USE TWO ARMS

When paddling you need a frequent planing pace. If you paddle with both arms you will momentarily shed momentum and pace. After you double-paddle you are going to jerk forward and then sluggish down. The best surf paddling system resembles a freestyle swimming stroke.

4. Remain Comfortable

When paddling make sure you you should not tense up and get stressed. Take it easy the shoulders and do not stiffen your facial muscles. Breathe in via your nose and concentrate on your method.

5. Extensive STROKES

Consider prolonged easy strokes. Absolutely extend your arm, go deep and make sure you total the rotation all the solution to your thighs. Long easy movements rather than speedy and jerky.


Will not surface area paddle. Increase your arm fully from the water. Endeavor to keep your arms as near your surfboard.

seven. Palms Comfortable

Take it easy the arms and keep a small hole between your fingers. Really don’t spread or force the fingers jointly. Consider not to bend your wrist far too much.

8. Smooth ENTRY

Lessen any splashing of water on entry and do not toss any water at the stop on the rotation, it really is squandered energy. You’d like a clean exit from the water without the need of any turbulence.

9. Retain Feet Alongside one another

You should not drag your toes from the water, this disturbs the circulation of the board within the drinking water. Continue to keep your feet together and lay evenly and well balanced.

ten. Don’t ROLL Facet TO Side

Decrease any rolling backward and forward. Keep your body nonetheless within the surfboard and permit your shoulders and arms do the perform. Don’t sway an excessive amount back and forth and keep your head still.